VOS Year 2000 Upgrades

Last updated: 
5 May 98. 
  Note: Please keep in mind that a review of these SCRs is by no means a replacement for thoroughly reviewing the Software Release Bulletin (SRB) for each upgrade.


Listing of VOS Upgrade SCRs

General Issues

SCR.GN.01.txt Hardware not supported in release 13.3.*

SCR.GN.02.txt Boot disk limitation

VOS Release 10 

SCR.10.01.txt The logical disk is invalid, perfect disk

VOS Release 11

SCR.11.01.txt Increase in minumum paging partition

SCR.11.02.txt Hardware not supported in release 11

SCR.11.03.txt Communication failures and the firmware table

VOS Release 12

SCR.12.01.txt 12.2 TCP/IP configuration requirements

SCR.12.02.txt Device drivers not compatible with version of kernel

SCR.12.03.txt Log partition and automatic disk salvage

SCR.12.04.txt DES routines deleted from >system>object_library

SCR.12.05.txt Firmware for K100/K500 IOPs fail to load

SCR.12.06.txt Support for K100 and K104

SCR.12.07.txt Virtual space checking

VOS Release 13

SCR.13.01.txt System will not boot, more than 8mb low wired memory needed

SCR.13.02.txt RECC default for attempt_auto_recovery

SCR.13.03.txt Hardware not supported in Release 13

SCR.13.04.txt Multi-member boot disk not supported in 13.3

SCR.13.05.txt Software not supported on Release 13 Continuums


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