Purpose of the VOS Anonymous FTP Area

The purpose of the VOS area is to collect and publish software and documentation relating to the Stratus proprietary, fault-tolerant VOS operating system. This server is maintained by Stratus Technologies as a public service to its customers.

The name VOS stands for "Virtual Operating System"; it was chosen to emphasize the fact that the operating system can maintain a single virtual view of resources across a network of processing modules.

This repository is maintained by the VOS Engineering Team; the material comes from many authors and is supported directly by those authors. Please direct all questions concerning the programs and files contained on this server to the appropriate authors. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions about the server itself should be directed to us. If you need help transferring any of these files, please contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The most common error that users make is failing to transfer binary files (such as program modules or "zipped" files) in binary mode; please check for this problem before reporting problems transferring files.

Last updated 2017-08-22.

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