VOS Reference Documentation

Last updated 2014-12-18.

These files contain miscellaneous reference documentation about VOS.

Recent Changes

vos_malware.txt - updated 2014-12-18.

machine_history.txt - updated 2013-08-28.

forbidden_passwords.tin - added 2011-07-07.

Miscellaneous Documentation

Explanations of common E-mail acronyms.

Calculation of various levels of availability.

clip-art.ppt Microsoft Powerpoint 7.0 file with scanned photos of Stratus logos and products. (Note: binary file, 1MB)

Documentation of C0, C1, and C1+ code coverage arguments to the VOS C and PL/I compilers.

Description of VOS cache manager anti-hog features.

Tips on using the VOS comm trace facility.

Description of VOS compiler options.

Description of how to interpret VOS disk meters.

Description of differences between !display_line and &display_line.

A sample file containing common passwords, usable with set_password_security -forbid_passwords_in_table.

VOS glossary.

IBM-to-Stratus model number correspondence.

History of Stratus hardware and VOS software releases.

How to find and correct VOS mini-hangs.

Additional documentation on 14.3 and 14.4 Disk Cache Manager.

Additional documentation on 14.5 Disk Cache Manager.

Table giving the values returned by the (module_info cpu_type) and (module_info cpu_family) command functions.

Additional documentation on the VOS command macro language.

Description of VOS page 0 trapping controls.

How to add paging space to VOS online.

How to use StrataDOC on Windows NT

VOS trivia.

Documentation of the TeleVideo 955 terminal programming codes.

How to deal with looping programs on uniprocessor VOS systems.

How VOS salvages and recovers disks.

Information on VOS and malevolent software. (Viruses, Worms, Trojan Horse Programs)

Documentation of DEC VT220 key codes.

Collection of wise sayings.

Back up to VOS Documentation area.

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