VOS Mail Software

This directory contains software to read Internet mail and news for the Stratus® VOS operating system.

Last updated 2012-11-28.

Files ending in ".save.evf.gz" are bundled files; read these instructions to learn how to unbundle them.

Searching the Stratus anonymous FTP server

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Recent Changes

12-11-28 - Updated the smtp_mail software to fix a couple of minor issues.

Listing of VOS Mail Software

pop_server_68k.save.evf.gz executable programs for POP3 server. Documentation.

pop_server_860.save.evf.gz executable programs for POP3 server. Documentation.

read_news.save.evf.gz command to read USENET news on VOS. Documentation.

smtp_mail.save.evf.gz stand-alone command to send mail via SMTP server. Documentation.

Search Engine.

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