Barry Wolman Multics Collection

Last Updated 2000 August 16.

This directory contains Multics PL/I programs written by Barry L. Wolman.

This group contains programs written in 1972 and 1973 for Carnegie-Mellon University Professor William Wulf's "Rosetta Stone" project. This was a project to solicit many programs for the same set of tasks, all written in different programming languages.

bsort.pl1 Program to implement a binary sort.

bsort.list Multics PL/I compiler listing file for bsort.pl1.

buddy.pl1 Program to implement a buddy-block storage allocation program.

derive.pl1 Program to differentiate an equation that has been stored in tree form.

e1.mixal Test case for MIX assembler.

e2.mixal Test case for MIX assembler.

letter.runoff Letter to Prof. Wulf about the programs.

mix.notes Notes about possible improvements to MIX assembler.

mix.pl1 MIX Assembler.

mixhead.incl.pl1 Include file for mix.pl1.

notes.runoff Explanation of sample programs.

p.mixal MIX program to generate first 500 prime numbers.

This group contains data plotting programs.

plot.pl1 Subroutine package for using plot_ subrs.

tplot.pl1 Sample driver for "plot" subroutine package.

I have used a scanner to get these programs online, followed by careful proofreading. But I am sure that errors remain, because I have not compiled them on Multics, and do not know whether they would work on the Multics of today.

I have taken one liberty; Barry would have used the Multics default tab stops (1, 11, 21, ...); since tab settings vary widely on the InterNet, I have removed almost all of the tabs from these files in order to preserve the original look and feel of the programs. I left the tabs intact where it mattered to the program itself.

These programs are offered without warranty of any kind whatsoever. You are on your own.

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