VOS Network and Internet Software

This directory contains network and Internet-related software for the Stratus® VOS operating system.

Last updated 2014-10-15.

Files ending in ".save.evf.gz" are bundled files; please carefully read these instructions to learn how to unbundle them.

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Recent Changes

2014-10-15: Added talk.save.evf.gz.

2014-08-28: Updated stcp_statistics.save.evf.gz.

2011-04-01: Updated port_to_proc.cm.

2010-11-17: Updated stcp_statistics.save.evf.gz.

Listing of VOS Network and Internet-related Software

lpr.save.evf.gz lpr client for OS/TCP IP. Documentation.

find_stcp_backpressure.cm A command macro to list the TCP/IP connections that have exerted flow control. Documentation.

mathopd-1.4VOSp1.save.evf.gz Simple web server for VOS; uses OS TCP/IP. Documentation.

net-snmp-5.0.6.save.evf.gz Suite of SNMP-related commands, agents, libraries, and utilities. Documentation.

nfs.save.evf.gz NFS client-side utilities for TCP 2.1. Documentation.

nist_clock.save.evf.gz documentation and program to use NIST automated time service. Documentation.

ntp.c Simple program to get the current date and time from an NTP time server. Documentation.

os_tcp_ip_platform.c Subroutines that let PL/I and COBOL code call the OS TCP/IP functions. Documentation.

pc_osl.save.evf.gz Open StrataLINK® server for the Microsoft® Windows 95 or Windows NT® products. Documentation.

port_to_proc.cm Command macro to list the processes using a TCP/IP or UDP/IP port. Documentation.

proc_to_port.cm Command macro to list the TCP/IP or UDP/IP ports used by a process. Documentation.

reset_nic.cm Command macro to reset a network interface card (Ethernet adapter). Documentation.

set_clock_from_ntp.save.evf.gz set date/time from NTP server (RFC 1305). Documentation.

set_clock_from_unix.save.evf.gz set date/time from network time server (RFC 868). Documentation.

stcp_statistics.save.evf.gz Documentation and sample programs for gathering statistics from the STCP driver. Documentation.

talk.save.evf.gz C programs to demonstrate IPv4 and IPv6 TCP/IP functions, and provide a chat service. Documentation.

tclient.save.evf.gz C program to perform batch telnet functions. Documentation.

tcp_save.save.evf.gz Utility program to provide a remote conduit to facilitate save/restore across VOS modules without using OSL.

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