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Last updated 2011-12-20.

This directory contains performance-related commands and command macros for the Stratus® VOS operating system.

Many people have contributed these programs to this web site. If you have a question that cannot be answered by reading the documentation or the source code, please contact the maintainer directly. The name of the maintainer of each program is specified in the documentation file. See the VOS area home page for instructions on how to contact the maintainer of this site.

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Recent Changes

2011-12-20: Updated display_cpu_usage.save.evf.gz.

2006-02-13: Added dsu.save.evf.gz.

Listing of VOS Performance-related commands and command macros

check_queue_depth.pl1 command to check server queue depth. Documentation.

cputcp.save.evf.gz package to graph VOS cpu usage on a Windows PC. Documentation.

demo_statistics.pl1 demonstrate how to measure cpu time, wall time, pfs. Documentation.

devicebrowser.save.evf.gz command to display devices and device information of a module using full-screen forms. Documentation.

diagnose_minihang.cm analyze_system method to diagnose mini-hangs. Documentation.

diskfree.save.evf.gz command to display disks and disk information of a module using full-screen forms. Documentation.

display_cpu_usage.save.evf.gz several commands to display process info (display_cpu_usage, free, mem, top). Documentation.

display_nbr_cpus.pl1 command to display the number of CPUs online. Documentation.

dmu.save.evf.gz command to display virtual and physical memory usage of each process. Documentation.

dsu.save.evf.gz preview of the VOS 15.2 display_system_usage command; estimates hyper-thread time accounting effects. Documentation.

list_cache.save.evf.gz display VOS disk cache in use by each file. Documentation.

list_cpus.save.evf.gz command to list CPU type and VOS version of modules. Documentation.

list_file_activity.cm command macro to report disk usage by file. Documentation.

list_running.pl1 improved version of VOS list_users -interval command. Documentation.

maf.save.evf.gz command to monitor alignment faults. Documentation.

measure_iop_utilization.cm command macro to report IOP utilization. Documentation.

measure_lap.cm command macro to report thruput of a K112 adapter. Documentation.

measure_mpx_gcomm.cm command macro to report thruput of a K115 adapter . Documentation.

meter_vos.cm macro to collect data on module performance. Documentation.

meters.c command to display VOS queue meters. Documentation.

msc.save.evf.gz software to monitor s$ calls; needs no appl changes. Documentation.

procbrowser.save.evf.gz command to display processes and process information of a module using full-screen forms. Documentation.

process_mon.save.evf.gz command to monitor a set of processes, log failures, and restart them. Documentation.

sys_met.c command to monitor CPU usage of a module. Documentation.

txn.pl1 command to monitor TPF actions per second. Documentation.

userbrowser.save.evf.gz command to display logged-in, interactive processes and process information of a module using full-screen forms. Documentation.

vos_mon25.save.evf.gz performance monitoring and graphing tools. Documentation.

watch_module.save.evf.gz command to monitor processes. Documentation.

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