VOS/OpenVOS Software Release Bulletins

Last updated 2015-03-13.

This directory contains all of the Software Release Bulletins (SRBs) for the Stratus® VOS operating system, releases 2.0 thru 18.0.

Recent Changes

2017-08-22 Added r18.1.0_srb.memo.

2015-03-13 Added r18.0.0_srb.memo.

2013-04-18 Added r17.2.0_srb.memo.

SRB Information

The following files have been renamed from the name used on the VOS distribution tape, to try to gain some consistency:

     6.1_addendum_srb.memo    r6.1_addendum_srb.memo
     os_r9_srb.memo           r9.0_srb.memo
     os_r10_srb.memo          r10.0_srb.memo
     os_r11_srb.memo          r11.0_srb.memo

The following releases never existed, and so leave holes in the numbering convention: VOS 3.1, 10.1, 11.2, 11.3.

The following releases are maintenance releases and have no SRB: VOS 10.4, VOS 10.5, VOS 10.6, VOS 10.7, VOS 10.8, VOS 11.8, VOS 13.3.1.

The following files are referenced by the SRBs and contain additional information beyond what is in the manuals.

The following files contain corrections to the VOS Commands and VOS Subroutines manuals for the specified releases.

The following files contain information about the OS TCP/IP product.

The following file contain the complete list of Stratus VOS manuals. manuals.txt Complete list of VOS manuals.

Comments, Criticisms, Suggestions, Bugs, and Praise on all Stratus Manuals may be sent to Comments@stratus.com.

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