VOS Commands and Command Macros

Last updated 2013-07-08.

This directory contains commands and command macros for the Stratus® VOS operating system.

Many people have contributed these programs to this web site. If you have a question that cannot be answered by reading the documentation or the source code, please contact the maintainer directly. The name of the maintainer of each program is specified in the documentation file. See the VOS area home page for instructions on how to contact the maintainer of this site.

Files ending in ".save.evf.gz" are bundled files; please carefully read these instructions to learn how to unbundle them.

Note that the Stratus GNU C++ and GNU Tools (aka "GNU Tools") product contains ports of gmake and grep. The versions of these commands supplied with GNU Tools are newer than the copies found on this page. For this reason, unless otherwise instructed, if you have installed GNU Tools, you should not use the copies found here. You should delete any local commands you have made of these tools.

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Recent Changes

2013-07-08: updated check_module_securit(y) to pick up a couple of enhancements that were made in 17.1 and 17.2.

2012-02-14: updated convert_files to supply V Series (Pentium 4) executables.

2011-08-25: added c_macros.c.

2011-05-27: updated pm_to_makefile to supply a V Series (Pentium 4) executable.

2011-05-12: added a note about touch.pm to stratus_make.txt.

Listing of VOS commands and command macros

alf_wrappers.save.evf.gz s$ wrappers to eliminate alignment faults. Documentation.

appc_test.save.evf.gz VOS SNA APPC test programs. Documentation.

append_text_files.cm VOS SNA APPC test programs. Documentation.

async_tools.save.evf.gz several commands for testing ttps, etc. Documentation.

batch_defer_update.cm adjust batch defer time after a time change. Documentation.

bigecho.pl1 command to display message using multi-line characters. Documentation.

busy.pl1 keep a terminal busy so it will not be logged-out. Documentation.

c_macros.c using C macros, determine facts about the system. Documentation.

calc.save.evf.gz simple desk-calculator program. Documentation.

calendar.pl1 show today in the context of a 3-month calendar. Documentation.

cflow.save.evf.gz port of freeware cflow command. Documentation.

change_or_create_dir.cm macro to change to, or create, a subdirectory

change1.cm macro to edit a text file changing parens to brackets and semicolon to comma. Documentation.

change2.cm macro to edit a text file changing brackets to parens and comma to semicolon. Documentation.

chd.c simple command to change directories using a star name. Documentation.

chdir.c advanced command to change directories using a star name or partial name. Documentation.

check_module_securit.save.evf.gz command to check the security attributes of a VOS module. Documentation.

check_security_log.pl1 command to check security log for matching string. Documentation.

clear_screen.pl1 clear the screen of the terminal. Documentation.

clone_file.pl1 command to make an exact copy of a file.

compress.save.evf.gz file compression / decompression command. Documentation.

convert_files.save.evf.gz utility to convert VOS files from one file type or record length to another. Documentation.

copy_tape.save.evf.gz simple command to copy any tape. Documentation.

copyright_tools.save.evf.gz commands to add, delete and check the copyrights in source, object and program files. Documentation.

count_locks.pl1 determine whether a terminal is window_term or not. Documentation.

cron.save.evf.gz implementation of Linux "cron" command for VOS. Documentation.

daylight_saving_time.cm sample command macro to automatically switch time zone value twice a year. Documentation.

days_to_y2k.pl1 command to calculate number of days left until January 1, 2000. Documentation.

ddu_home_dir.cm macro to display the disk usage of your home directory.

delete_file_enhanced.pl1 delete-by-date command. Documentation.

detab.pl1 command to convert tabs to spaces in a text file. Documentation.

display_file.pl1 enhanced version of standard VOS display command. Documentation.

dpl.cm display current process login level. Documentation.

dtime_diff.cm command macro to calculate the difference between two date-time values. Documentation.

Easter.cm command macro to calculate the date of Easter. Documentation.

echo.pl1 echos the raw command arguments. Documentation.

echokey.save.evf.gz echos keystrokes in various formats. Documentation.

elvis.save.evf.gz "vi"-clone editor. Documentation.

expand_args.save.evf.gz subroutine to expand arguments a la Unix® shell. Documentation.

find_modified_file.pl1 finds files modified after given date/time. Documentation.

get_data_set_status.pascal Command to display data set lead status of an async device. Documentation.

get_stack_usage.save.evf.gz Subroutine to determine stack space usage in a process or task. Documentation.

gmake.save.evf.gz The "gmake.save.evf.gz" file has been renamed to "stratus_make.save.evf.gz". Click on the link to navigate to the new version.

grep.c clone of Unix® grep command. Documentation. If you already have GNU C++ and GNU Tools 2.0 installed, you do not need, and should not use, this version.

insert_line.cm command macro to insert a line at the top of a text file. Documentation.

Columbia University Kermit Repository

locate_datestr_calls.save.evf.gz command to find all calls to VOS date/time subroutines (Y2K tool). Documentation.

lpa_proc.cm command macro to list the ports attached to a process. Documentation.

macro_xref.pl1 generates cross-reference of commands w/in a command macro. Documentation.

make.save.evf.gz improved port of simple make command. Documentation.

match.pl1 improved display -match command. Documentation.

messanger.c command to send highly visible message to a user. Documentation.

module_start_up.cm sample module_start_up.cm for multi-release modules

monitor_sna_log.save.evf.gz command to display the SNA log on the terminal. Documentation.

mwatch.pl1 command to watch multiple output files. Documentation.

netx_calls.h C header file for Network Express(TM) subroutines.

opcode_logging.save.evf.gz documentation and programs to log detailed info about I/O calls made by an application program. Documentation.

parser.save.evf.gz a program to parse input records into tokens Documentation

pl1_declarations An improved pl1_declarations file.

pm_to_makefile.save.evf.gz command to create a makefile from a VOS program module file. Documentation.

pop.cm pops one login level, but won't accidentally logout. Documentation.

port_to_proc.cm macro to display process names attached to an OS_TCP port. Documentation.

print_form.pl1 command to demonstrate how to print the contents of a full-screen form. Documentation.

prompt_for_ttp.cm command macro to use in a start_up.cm to get the ttp name.

push_dir.save.evf.gz commands and macros to push and pop current dir. Documentation.

rcs.save.evf.gz port of GNU RCS (revision control system) product. Documentation.

rec_counter.cm command macro to count the number of lines in a text file. Documentation.

relink.pl1 redo file system link targets easily. Documentation.

request_batch.pl1 command to enter a batch request. Documentation.

review.save.evf.gz general purpose file browser. Documentation.

search.save.evf.gz enhanced text-file searching command. Documentation.

set_file_cache_modes.c sets the cache-residency mode flags. Documentation.

set_lib_paths.save.evf.gz command to set all library paths at once, from a control file. Documentation.

set_terminal_type.cobol command to set the VOS terminal type by querying the terminal answerback ID. Documentation.

shell.save.evf.gz A VOS command shell that has command-line history. Documentation.

sim.save.evf.gz script-drive generic benchmark driver. Documentation.

ssp.save.evf.gz command to start a process under any user name without compromising security. Documentation.

star_command.c command to build macro to execute command line repeatedly for all matches of a star name. ASCII Documentation. MS Word 7 Documentation.

start_dir_copy.cm command macro to quickly copy a directory using save and restore thru a pipe file.

stevie.save.evf.gz "vi"-clone editor. Documentation.

stratus_make.save.evf.gz port of GNU make command, version 3.60.1. Documentation. This is the so-called "VOS make" command and has a number of extensions to work on VOS. It is needed to build some open-source products on VOS. Unless otherwise instructed, if you already have GNU C++ and GNU Tools 2.0 installed, you do not need, and should not use, this version.

sysrep.c command to send CPU usage report to a user on their 25th-line. Documentation.

tape_encryption.save.evf.gz facility to read/write encrypted tapes; also a good example of how to load user code into the VOS kernel. Documentation.

tcl74.save.evf.gz a port of tcl version 7.4 to VOS. Documentation.

test_abbrev.pl1 tests the expansion of an abbreviation. Documentation.

test_backup_restore.cm command macro to test operation of save and restore on a specific tape drive. Documentation.

test_count_locks.cm tests count_locks tool

test_cvm.pl1 tests expense of using s$connect_vm_region. Documentation.

test_datetime.pl1 tests new (for Y2K) PL/I datetime() builtin. Documentation.

test_printer.pl1 calibrate how many lines per page of printed output. Documentation.

test_random.pl1 test pseudo-random number generators.

tmg.save.evf.gz command to let unprivileged users control spooler. Documentation.

touch.c updates date/time modified of a file. Documentation.

touch_dir.cm updates date/time modified of a directory

trim_lines.pl1 command to delete N records from end of a file. Documentation.

translate_punch_records.pl1 command to convert an EBCDIC file to ASCII. Documentation.

update_keep_pm_path.save.evf.gz command to change pathname of program in a keep module. Documentation.

user_log.cm command macro to list all users logged-in to a system. Documentation.

user_report.pl1 displays a report of who logged in and out over a period of time. Documentation.

vos.emacs GNU Emacs start-up file to coerce GNU Emacs to emulate VOS Emacs. Documentation.

vos_calls.h C header file for VOS subroutines.

vos_log_management.cm macro to clean up system logs. (requires delete_file_enhanced command). Documentation.

vtree.save.evf.gz command display graphical tree structure of a directory hierarchy. Documentation.

watch_locks.txt documentation on watch_locks command (obsolete!).

watch_logs.save.evf.gz facility to monitor syserr_logs

watch_prelogin.save.evf.gz commnd to increase specified prelogin process to priority 9; useful on uniprocessor systems. Documentation.

who_record_locked.save.evf.gz command to show which process has a record locked. Documentation.

wlock_directq.cm macro to display servers and requesters using a direct queue. Documentation.

wordlist.save.evf.gz commands to find and correct spelling errors. Documentation.

xmodem.save.evf.gz xmodem file-transfer command. Documentation.

y2k_wrappers.save.evf.gz s$ wrappers to permit testing of Y2K changes without having to adjust the module's calendar clock. Documentation.

y2ktouch.c command to correct file system dates after Y2K testing. Documentation.

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