VOS Emacs Emulation for GNU Emacs


The associated text file, vos.emacs, is designed to be used as a GNU Emacs start-up file to coerce GNU Emacs to emulate VOS Emacs. This reduces context switch time allowing the user to rapidly move between the two editing environments. The author is successfully using this file with GNU Emacs version 20.7.1 running on SunOS 5.7.


As the GNU Emacs start-up file typically resides in the user's home directory with the name ".emacs", this file will need to be renamed or edited into the user's current .emacs file. To accomplish this, the author's login script (.profile) includes the following command:
    cat vos.emacs my.emacs > .emacs


Known differences between this emulation and actual VOS Emacs are documented in the comments of the vos.emacs file. Users are encouraged to understand these differences. Emulation of the more esoteric commands, in the author's estimation, were not attempted.

Attempts have been made to only emulate raw VOS Emacs, i.e., not to emulate the author's VOS Emacs environment, customized by his personal start_up.emacs file. This goal may not have been fully realized.


Although the author anticipates having little time to offer to improve this product, he welcomes comments from the field and encourages contributions that would lead to a better product with little research being required on his part.
Ken Nellis, AOL, 11/28/01