VOS zip and unzip Commands

Last updated 2007-04-11.

This directory contains ports of the zip and unzip commands to VOS.

It is up to you to determine the usefulness of the software in this directory to your company. Please contact the individual authors for further information, or to report bugs.

Look for the "new" tag to find files that were uploaded in the last 3 months. Look for the "updated" tag to find files that were revised in the last 3 months.

Files ending in ".save.evf.gz" are bundled files; please carefully read these instructions to learn how to unbundle them.

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Recent Changes

2006-11-21: Rebuilt zip-2.2 and unzip-5.32 for all platforms. Added binaries for the V Series (pentium4) platform.

Listing of zip for VOS Software

unzip-5.32.save.evf.gz port of Unzip version 5.32. Documentation.

zip-2.2.save.evf.gz port of Zip version 2.2. Documentation.

Search Engine.

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